Refund Policy

No Refunds are available under any circumstances.  If you are unsure if this service is for you, contact us before you buy to discuss.

If it is unclear to you why no refunds can be made, this is why:

You are purchasing advertising.  You are responsible for deciding to advertise the product or service that you wish to advertise.  If your advertising campaign does not go to plan, or does not make you the Return of Investment (ROI) you are hoping to make, this is your responsibility and a risk that you are taking on when you decide to purchase this service.

If you were to buy a page of advertising in a newspaper, and failed to get the impact that you were hoping for, you would not go back to the newspaper and say ‘that didn’t work, can I have a refund’.

The same applies here.  Once you have paid for your traffic, we will put your solo ad in the queue to be sent out and send you the traffic you have purchased.

So once again, if you are in any way unsure if this service is for you, please contact me BEFORE ordering to discuss if this service is suitable for you.  If I can help you at all or guide you in any way I will do so.

You can contact me on skype Simon.Wetherell or by email